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  • Quick and Easy Farmers Market Salad

    This quick and easy salad can be assembled in minutes with whatever produce and ingredients you have on hand. Feel free to substitute lettuce or kale or tomatoes for cucumbers. Whatever you have on hand will taste even more fresh and delicious if you use it right away, instead of leaving it in your fridge for a week or more.  View Post
  • Benefits of Organic Face Masks by Liz Grummet

    How Important is an Organic Face Mask?        A mask is a mask is a mask...right? I mean, what is the difference between all of these facial masks on the market? The answer is...a lot! Your skin is a living organ, and what you put onto it matters. It also a vital passageway, filtering out environ... View Post
  • 10 Simple Morning Rituals to Start Your Day

    Try these simple morning rituals to start your day off right. Each one only takes 10 minutes and will help improve your mood, focus, and energy. View Post