Benefits of Using a Weekly Face Mask

By the end of the week your skin might need a refresher, and a facemask is the perfect solution to getting a better complexion. Here’s a few reasons why you should incorporate a face mask into your weekly beauty routine:

Hydrate Your Skin:

After a long week, your skin may have been exposed to climate changes, sun, smog, and other pollutants. All of this can be very harsh and drying on your skin. A hydrating face mask is a great option for restoring natural moisture and getting a complexion you’ll love.

Even Out Your Complexion:

Who doesn’t want an even complexion? It’s what most of my dreams are made of. A weekly face mask can allow you to skip foundation some mornings (especially if it’s a grocery store run) and save time to do the important things in life (like drink lattes, am I right?). Face masks are great because they penetrate the skin with ingredients that can help regenerate cells and clean your pores.

Help Reduce Acne:

If you’re skin is producing too much oil, the right face mask can help breakouts from starting. Make sure you read the packing and ingredients to choose the right formulation for your skin. If you have sensitive skin, you don’t want to overdo it with skincare and irritate your acne even more.  

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