Health & Beauty Travel Hacks

At Lunna Beauty, we are always traveling to meet new vendors, attend trade shows and do business around the country. With all of this travel we've learned a trick or two about staying healthy and keeping your beauty routine up on on the road.

Here's our best beauty hacks for traveling and staying healthy on the go: 

1. Stock up on Healthy Snacks 

This first tip is simple. No time to pack healthy snacks? When you arrive at your destination stock up on healthy fruits, veggies, and snacks at a local grocery store. If you don't have a car, you can always opt for grocery delivery or walk to a local convenience store. They usually carry fruit, nuts, and protein bars that can tide you over between meals. 

2. Drink Lots of Water! 

Hydration is so important when you travel. It'll keep you feeling energized and keep your skin looking clear and rested if you drink the right amount of water each day. Remember to keep drinking water while on a plane, as the air is extra dry. Carrying a reusable water bottle is the best way to stay hydrated when traveling. 

3. Bring a Face Mask 

It can be hard to bring your entire beauty routine and skincare items in a carryon. That's why a fat mask is the perfect spa treatment that can travel with you. The ones that come in single packets are easy to tuck away in your suitcase or purse and can be used when you arrive at your destination. Kick back with a cup of tea, and you have the perfect spa night after a long day of travel. We recommend using the Orgaid's sheet mask, for an affordable mask that will fit right into your suitcase.