10 Simple Morning Rituals to Start Your Day

Mornings... they can get the best of us. Unless you're a natural morning person, it can be tough to enthusiastically jump out of bed in the morning.

For all of you night owls out there, we got you. Instead of hitting snooze tomorrow at the sound of your alarm, we've given you a list of creative morning rituals to choose from. It's best to start small, so each of them only require an extra 10 minutes in the morning.

We hope this list inspires you to try something new and energize yourself for the day ahead! 

Morning Rituals You'll Love 

1. Sip hot water with lemon: When you first wake up, your body is dehydrated from sleeping for 8 hours. A great way to replenish yourself is to have a hot lemon water. It's simple to make and it's a natural, healthy way to start the day. 

2. Try a morning yoga practice: Whether you choose to do an at-home yoga video (youtube has some great free ones) or head to a class, stretching in the early morning is great for your mind and body. 

3. Go for a scenic run at sunrise: Getting outside for a jog and some fresh air can do wonders for our mood and productivity for the day. Grab your running shoes and hit your neighborhood to clock some morning miles. Bonus points if you live near a beach! 

4. Meditate: A new favorite-- meditation can help clear your mind and help you get focused for the day. Just try not to fall back asleep!  

5. Journal or plan your day: Writing in the morning helps to wake up your mind and set the tone for the rest of the day. Whether you're journaling your thoughts or making a gratitude list, these are all healthy and productive habits that can really elevate your morning. You can also use the extra time to plan your to-do list for the day. Not feeling in the writing mood? Grab a book instead and kick-back for 10 relaxing minutes of reading. 

6. Have a nourishing breakfast: A quick yogurt bowl or toast can give you fuel to start the morning off right. Remember, breakfast doesn't have to be fancy. It just needs to give you energy to get you up and moving before you head off to your agenda. 

7. Have a dance party: Turn up the music and get moving! Dancing increases blood flow and can make you feel more energize to start the morning- plus it's really fun to start your day off to a light start, especially if you need to be more serious at school or work. 

8. Work on a passion project: Morning is a great time to block out some time to work on a hobby, creative project, or passion. Whether you want to working on writing, art, or music-- sunrise can be a great time to get uninterrupted time to yourself. Visiting your favorite cafe or coffeeshop can make these work sessions feel like an extra treat. 

9. Moisturize your skin: Last but not least, before you leave for the day, wash your face and spritz on some A/B Skincare- Skin Moisturizer for a refreshing boost. Your skin will stay supple and moisturized, even underneath any foundation or makeup you apply on top. 

10. Take a different route to work: Ready to head out? Leaving a few minutes early can let you try a new commute to work. If you're in walking distance, try getting in some extra steps on the way to the office. If you drive, maybe you can make a stop for a coffee and pastry. New scenery can feel like an extra treat as you head into a busy day! 

We hope this list inspires you to choose something new to try tomorrow morning.

What are you favorite morning rituals?