4 Awesome Ways to Use Facial Cleansing Wipes Apart From Your Face

4 Awesome Ways to Use Facial Cleansing Wipes Apart From Your Face As a woman, you probably use facial cleansing wipes on a regular basis. They come in handy whenever you want to remove all the makeup, dirt and oil from your face at the end of the day. Zyba Beauty has the best facial wipes available! The Savvy Travelers- Fabulously Fast Facial Cleansing Wipes are safe for all skin types, help remove waterproof makeup, oil and dirt and not to mention that they are paraben free! Did you know that you can put your facial cleansing wipes to other use? Yep, that is very much possible! Keep on reading to find out 4 awesome ways to use facial wipes for things other than cleansing your face: Get Rid of Scuffs Off Suede If your favorite pair of suede shoes have some dirt or a dark mark on them, you can use a cleansing wipe to get rid of it. Since cleansing wipes contain a cleanser and a conditioner, the scuff would be easily removed without ruining your shoes. Just remember to run a soft, dry cloth over your shoe right after using a cleansing wipe. Say Bye To Minor Stains Just like any other facial wipe, The Savvy Travelers- Fabulously Fast Facial Cleansing Wipes can’t remove things like ink or blood. However, suppose you drip a little bit of sauce on your dress right before heading out to an event. When such an incident happens, quickly dab a facial wipe on it as it will allow the stain to be lifted before setting. This neat trick won’t work if you try removing a stain an hour later, so you need to be quick on your feet. Clean Under Your Nails We all somehow get dirt under our fingernails that takes quite some time to get rid of. An easy hack for that is to get a facial cleansing wipe and use it to clean under your nails. This trick works like a charm! Clean The Inside Of Your Purse or Gym Bag We all have been through a time when the lining of our handbag or gym bag totally looks disgusting. Rather than spending a fortune at the dry cleansers, get a facial wipe, dump everything out and wipe the inside well. Who would have ever thought that facial cleansing wipes could be used in so many other ways? Make your life easier and grab a few (or a lot) of them from our store!  

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