A Product We All Need: White Egret Charcoal Mask

Charcoal has been known as a blessing for the skin. If your skin needs serious detoxification then our White Egret Charcoal Mask is the perfect solution to your skin problems.


There are so many benefits of using a charcoal mask on your skin. Activated charcoal is prepared after being instilled with oxygen. It is being used to cleanse and re-energize your skin. The toxins stick to the activated charcoal and detoxify your skin. Unwanted toxins clog our pores. And if the pores are not clear then it will affect your complexion as well. The oil and dirt in our pores make them appear bigger. And the activated charcoal has the ability to pull the dirt out of your skin leaving it fresh and glowing

For a more flawless skin you can use an exfoliating scrub afterwards to remove the dead skin.If you have oily skin and want to get rid of the excess oils then our White Egret Charcoal Mask is the perfect solution to your problem. It can also help combat acne and other skin problems.

Activated charcoal can draw oil, dirt and other harmful substances from clogged pores due to its absorption powers and boasts beauty benefits for skin. Charcoal is not only used for deep cleansing but is also a great detoxifier!

Here are some of the most amazing benefits that come with using charcoal:

  • Draws dirt, oil and toxins from skin
  • Clarifiers skin
  • Eradicates blackheads
  • Naturally detoxifies
  • Fights acne and blemishes
  • Gives a youthful look
  • Absorbs 1000x its weight in impurities
  • Helps clear pores
  • Lightly exfoliates
  • Removes deep impurities
  • Gives a radiant healthy skin
  • Tightens skin


Lately, charcoals popularity has gained momentum across the entire beauty industry. Who would have thought a lump of coal would be a good thing? Charcoal is one of Mother Nature’s many natural wonders. This one component has stunning purifying and cleansing qualities!

This wonder product has been in the natural beauty sector for a while. But now it has become a must have for every girl out there because of its incredible benefits!You just have to incorporate activated charcoal into your beauty routine and our White Egret Charcoal Mask is the perfect way to get all of these benefits that charcoal provides! It boasts all types of beauty benefits and can be your secret to flawless skin. I don’t know about you but I’m definitely getting myself this wonder product!



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