Here Is What The Perfect Eye Shadow Palette Looks Like!



Here Is What The Perfect Eye Shadow Palette Looks Like!


We all have had this catch 22 moments before going on a night out with friends or going out on a date: whether to go all glam with sparkly, glittery eyes and statement red pout or to go easy on the make up with a soft, no-make-up make up look with subtle hues on the eyes and pout.

It’s relatively easy to get the desired look when you are in your comfort zone aka home but what about all those times you are staying at a friend’s house and she suddenly plans to take you out to meet someone, while you want to say ‘yes’ but deep inside you are dreading the consequences of having to use your friends make up and ending up with allergies because let’s just be practical you can’t carry your three eye shadow palettes, photo fixing foundation, 3 different concealers, contouring kit, and all that stuff you use to look at the top of your game- period. I know de-potting is an option, but tell me when was the last time you actually did that?

So on one fine day a lady got to know about our predicaments and finally decided to address them in the most creative manner, creating Anastasia Beverley Hills (ABH) Modern Renaissance Eye shadow Palette!






This ah-mazing palette basically satisfies most if not all on-the-go make up needs.


Comprising of 14, highly pigmented and easily applicable shades that blend easily on the skin unlike all other Anastasia eye shadow palettes. Most of the shades in the palette have matte finish except for:


  1. Tempra, a light beige with warm, peachy tones and a satiny sheen
  2. Vermeer, a bright, light peachy with warm undertones and a frosted sheen.
  3. Primavera, a light-medium peachy-gold with warm undertones and a frosted, lightly metallic finish


Golden Ochre is a matte, golden red color while Buon Fresco is creamy pigmented matte shade, in mauve color with a light hint of shimmer. Antique Bronze is a surprisingly rusty, shimmery brown. It appears rather red than expected. Love Letter is a red wine-toned dark pink tone, it looks like the sexiest version of a Smokey eye you can imagine. Cyprus Umber is a dark brown in matte shade. Raw Sienna: Is a Matte shade, in a dark yellow-brown color. Burnt Orange slightly more orange than Raw Sienna. Red Ochre: A matte, dark burnt red shade. Venetian Red: A moderately shimmered dark red with blue undertones. Warm Taupe: with yellow undertones. Matte and milky. Realgar: a yellow undertone rusty red shade.



Go ahead and play around!






















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