History of Skin Mask and It’s Benefits

History of Skin Mask and It’s Benefits Did you ever wonder who invented the face mask? Well, if you did then you are at the right place because you are just about to find out. It is believed that the ritual of using skin masks started in Ancient Egypt. Cleopatra used all-natural ingredients for creating DIY masks which helped cleanse, nourish and rejuvenate her skin. Ancient China also has many stories about women using face masks. Yang Guifei often used her own almond cream concoction that brightened and tightened her skin. Tang Dynasty is another beauty who not only washed her face daily, but also used ‘fairy powder’ that was made from harvested Chinese motherwort. Also, did you know that Korean sheet masks were quite popular in the Victorian era? Queen Elizabeth I was also a fan. During the 18th century, Marie Antoinette had her own signature facial mask which was made using egg whites.   Beautiful sensual woman touching her face. Beauty and skincare concept. Spa. Isolated over white. That was a brief history behind who created the skin mask. Now, let’s talk about its various benefits. Did you ever thing why you use a skin mask instead of just makeup? Makeup can quite easily cover up all your imperfections, so why use face masks in the first place? All these questions are about to be answered! Here are the reasons why you apply/use skin masks: Relaxation Can you feel relaxation after wearing makeup? It might boost up your confidence but you don’t really feel relaxed. That is why face masks are so great; they not only improve the appearance of your skin but are also quite relaxing. Unclog Pores Makeup may hide your pores, but it can never unclog them. On the other hand, face masks do an amazing job of unclogging those nasty pores. They have the power to remove all the dirt from your face and absorb any excess oil. Deep Cleansing If you use a really good face mask, it will do an amazing job of performing a deep cleanse on your face. It will draw out all the impurities that are hidden underneath the top layers of the epidermis. Some people even believe that your skin goes through a stage called as ‘detoxing’ when you use a skin mask. The reason why it is believe so is because you can notice the changes in your skin as the process is taking place. Glowing Skin Another benefit of skin masks is that they give a chance to enjoy glowing skin. When a face mask is drying on your skin and becoming harder, at that time an expansion in the blood vessels of your skin is caused. This leads to a major improvement in your skin tone. Once you remove the face mask, you are left with smoother looking and a softer feeling skin. If you are looking for a high quality eye mask, check out our ‘Lonvitalite 24K Gold & Collagen Eye Mask’! lonvitalite-packwhite

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