How to Remove Gel Nail polish?

How to Remove Gel Nail polish?

Don’t we all just love a good gel manicure? The incredible gel shine and rich and beautiful colors make us feel amazing. But, what about when you want it gone and you will rather not visit the salon again. Don’t worry cause we’ve got you covered on that! There are a few super easy ways to get that done at home.

Whichever method you use be sure to shield the skin around the nail with a preventive layer of Vaseline.

Method 1

If you have a removal kit then grab it because it has everything you need to strip the shellac from your nails. Pick up a bottle of acetone, 10 cotton balls and a roll of tin foil which you can easily find in your kitchen. Start things off by buffing the surface of your manicure using a nail file to remove the shine, then soak a cotton ball in the acetone and put it on top of your nail. Wrap each finger with a small piece of foil and after 15 minutes the gel manicure should come off along with the cotton ball. If there is some residue stuck to your nail, use an orange wood stick to get it off.

Method 2

The other way is the soaking method which is the longest. What you can do is get two bowls, one slightly larger than the other. Add warm water in the larger bowl and place the smaller one inside. Pour some acetone and allow the mixture to warm for a minute or two. Start with buffing the surfaces of your manicure with the nail file then soak your hand in the acetone till the gel gradually soaks off. After a few minutes you will notice the corners coming loose. Next, get an orange wood stick and lightly begin to lose the gel on each nail until completely removed. Top it off with a good amount of hand cream.

You can either try these methods at home or go to the salon. Gel manicure needs to be handled with extra care. But we would prefer to stay home and try one of these methods because honestly, who has the patience to wait for an appointment, right?

But remember this, whatever you do, do not peel the gel off. It might be satisfying at that moment, but it can also take off layers of your natural nail in the process. So, there you have it: the perfect ways to remove a gel manicure at home. You’re welcome!

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