Short hair? Still can curl and look great!

Short hair? Still can curl and look great! Curling your hair is so much better than straightening it, don’t you agree? Straight hair doesn’t have much volume and it doesn’t give you the same look as you can get with curled hair. When you curl your hair, it instantly frames your face and makes you look beautiful and glamorous. Many women think that they need to have long hair in order to curl it properly and make it look good. That is not true at all because even if you have short hair, you can curl it and make it look great. You can do tight curls or loose curls; both are very much achievable even if you have short hair. You should know that there are different ways to curl long hair and different ways to curl short hair. If you figure out the right way, then you will look totally amazing!   If you are a woman with short hair, then at this moment you are probably wondering the right way to curl it. We decided to make your life easier and therefore put together a little guide that will help you through the entire process. Let’s get started:
  • Before you apply any heat to the hair, apply a heat protectant or a serum so that your hair remains protected. You can use whichever one is your favorite.
  • The trick to curling short hair is to make sure that you don’t curl too closely to the roots or at the ends of the hair. Just do one rotation of your curling iron and you will get the perfect curl. It would be more like a wave to your hair. Use the Remington CI5338 Keratin Therapy Curling Wand, 1 1/2 Inches to get those perfect and long lasting curls. This curling wand is super easy to use and is very well known to give luscious curls on both long and short hair.
  • To get more fun waves and texture, you should alternate the direction you curl each section of hair. Short hair won’t look good with uniform curls, so don’t hesitate to switch around the direction after every few strands.
  • You need the least amount of curl at the top of your hair. To make sure of that, angle your hair straight up to give it some lift without getting a ton of curl over there.
  • Don’t try too hair to perfect your curled hair. Give it the freedom to do what it wants and everything will be fine.
  • Finish off with your favorite hair spray and you are done!
Go ahead and try out curls on short hair. They would surely look incredible on you!

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