Simunovich Olive skin care

seal The Simunovich Olive Estate in the Bombay Hills, 50 kilometres from Auckland City, produces premium quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil and an extensive range of Olive Oil based skincare and beauty products. The Simunovich family first began cultivating the olive on the beautiful island of Brac, Croatia. They also began crafting soaps, cleansers and moisturisers that soon found a following with our neighbours and fellow countrymen. Today on our Estate in the Bombay Hills, home also to Bracu Restaurant, this family tradition lives on with our skincare ranges. Honoured for generations, Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been a large part of our Simunovich family tradition. Extra Virgin Olive Oil based skincare products are manufactured in a purpose built, state-of-the-art laboratory and packaging facility on our Estate. With the technical expertise of our in-house research and development team, along with the most advanced equipment in New Zealand, we have formulated gentle, effective, natural formulations inspired by our original family recipes that refresh, cleanse and hydrate for a youthful, revitalised skin. Our Olive and Tebe Men's skincare ranges contain Extra Virgin Olive Oil, an antioxidant rich in vitamins and minerals which has been used as a beauty secret in the Mediterranean for centuries. Tebe also contains Olive Leaf Extract which is rich in Oleuropein, a natural antioxidant extremely beneficial for your skin. The purity and goodness of our very own Olive Oil, enhanced by carefully selected combinations of highly effective botanical plant extracts, ensures that we bring to our customers the best in natural quality skincare. olive_subbanner

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