Zyba Beauty

Hair Serum

  • keratage Shine Booster - Leave-in Control Serum

    Infused with KERNOX-N™ to improve water retention and strength as it promotes a natural shine boosting effect. Provides natural hold with anti-humectant properties, and luminous shine View Post
  • Nature Nut Hair Serum

    Designed to help you tame unruly, frizzy hair and make it soft, smooth and manageable. Perfect for nourishing dry, damaged or processed hair and repairing split ends by providing a protective coating on the hair shaft, which helps to restore shine and flexibility. Ingredients: Cyclomethicone... View Post
  • Bio Top Quinoa Hair Serum

     Transparent. Adds luster, softness and shine. Not oily or greasy. Doesn't deposit color Won't turn blondes brassy Apply wet or dry Heals while it works View Post