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  • Focus Area: • lips Benefits: • keep lips hydrated and healthy with this non-sticky formula • moisturizing blend of natural oils, scent and color that soothes and protects lips from harsh elements • easily applied anywhere and in any light with convenient side mirror and soft LED-lit appl... View Post
  • Focus Areas: • face, neck and décolleté Benefits: • concentrated with natural oils using sodium hyaluronic breakthrough technology and providing deep, lasting moisture for overnight relief resulting in a softer, more youthful looking appearance • deeply hydrates skin to help replenish, rene... View Post
  • Dionis Hand Soap is a creamy cleansing formula that leaves your skin soft and hydrated. The hand soap cleanses and hydrates, helping to keep your hands beautiful. Use regularly to help to keep hands clean and moist. Dionis Heartfelt Hand Soap is part of our limited edition collection. A scent ... View Post