Tips for Dealing with Sweat This Summer

Tips for Dealing with Sweat This Summer You know what’s the worst part of summer? The sweat. Whether you are spending your summer days in the city or at the beach, sweat is something that can’t be ignored. To make your life easier, we decided to put together some tips for dealing with sweat during the summer time. Here is a list of some amazing tips and hacks on preventing and handling sweat: Deodorant Wipes Should Be Your Best Friend This is one of the simples and the best tip/trick for dealing with sweat during summer time. You need to keep a stash of deodorant wipes with you all the time. The Savvy Travelers- No Sweat Powerful Antiperspirant and Deodorant Wipes are exactly what every one of us needs. They are safe for all skin types, convenient for traveling and have powerful wetness and odor protection. So, whenever you feel like your armpits are getting sweaty or starting to sweat, just slip into a restroom and use these wipes to clean your under arms so that they are as fresh as a daisy! Get Rid Of Underarm Stains with Lemon Juice Underarm sweat stains on your favorite t-shirt can be a disaster! To prevent and remove such stains, spray that area on your shirt with lemon juice before washing. Panty Liner Hack If you sweat a LOT, then this trick is perfect for you! Stick a panty liner on the inside of your shirt/dress/blouse as it will help absorb all the extra sweat. This may sound gross to some of you, but this trick works wonders! Go For Unlined Bras During summers, unlined bras are what you should go for. Avoid padded ones since that extra padding will make you sweatier. Keep Oil Blotting Sheets In Your Purse Every woman’s handbag should contain a packet of oil blotting sheets. They come in handy whenever you want to get rid of that extra sweat and shine on your face without ruining the makeup. Heat Proof Makeup To ensure your makeup lasts longer and stays put in the heat, always use a makeup setting spray in the end. It really locks everything in place! Go For Natural Fiber Clothes What you wear during summers has a big impact on how much you sweat. Go for pieces made with natural fibers since they allow your body to breathe while on the other hand synthetic fibers trap heat. Are you excited for summer yet? We know we are! Use these simple and easy tips for dealing with all that sweat.

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