wedderspoon-logo-mobile In 2005, during a trip from the UK to visit her daughter Catherine in Canada, Diane Wedderspoon ran out of Manuka honey. Having taken the honey daily for years as part of her healthy lifestyle, Diane was shocked when she was unable to purchase her precious Manuka honey locally. A lengthy discussion on Manuka ensued, sparking husband and wife Sebastien and Catherine Martin’s interest in the rare New Zealand honey. After an extensive search revealed that Manuka was quite difficult to find in Canada and the US, the Martins became passionate about the idea of bringing this amazing honey to North America. So the Martins took action! They located beekeepers whose standards mirrored their own, and founded Wedderspoon to educate consumers on the many virtues of this incredibly rare and wondrous honey. ws-ourstory-pagebanner

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