About Us

Lunna Beauty is a platform for edgy, new, innovative, effective, and mostly natural beauty products and cosmetics.

We travel to many parts of the country to find products and vendors.  Every product we choose, and every vendor we work with, has a unique and wonderful story, which we like to share with you as we go along.  

We would love for Lunna Beauty to be your one stop for most your beauty, cosmetics, and personal care needs.

Why do we do this?  Simple answer is: because we are passionate about human well being, about providing good products that we really believe work well, and come from hard working American companies.

We are several health conscious and active individuals, and we wanted to extend this passion to the community as well.  We go to conventions, and meet small companies who spend great efforts making great products, and we offer our services to these great American families to market their products on our platform.  Everyone wins.  Consumer wins because they have access to high quality products many of which are organic and vegan.  The producers win, because their products find their way to the market place, and we win by connecting the consumer with producers on our platform.  

On our site, you will find many products you would otherwise not find in your local CVS, Sephora, or Ulta.  We do not represent large brands.  We make a point out of working with smaller companies, who really care about their products, and quality.  

Meet our Operations guru:  Without her we wouldn't know where things are.  She keeps us organized and runs the operation.  Grateful to have her with us




Ida: She is our social media guru.  She manages our models, and runs the show.  Ida's long expertise in the beauty industry is a blessing for us.

Allyson: Allyson manages our website, and is the primary person communicating with our vendors.  Allyson comes from a diverse background, and has a variety of skills, including but not limited to singing, and acting.


Eileen: Eileen helps us being organized, provides all research activities, helps with social media, and many other aspects of our business.

Ally: This is our test master.  All hair products are tested on this gentleman :)  Plus he is an amazing cook, and has a strategic mind 

Thank you for visiting our store.  Our aim is to build a community of health conscious consumers and users, and to grow together to make this a more beautiful world.  

Thank you


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