Nothing better than a lip scrub

Nothing better than a lip scrub - you bet! You have probably heard of face and body exfoliation, but did you know that you can exfoliate your lips too? With the help of a good lip scrub, you can exfoliate your lips to get them perfectly smooth and soft. Just as you scrub the dead layers of your skin from the face and body, you can do the same for your lips to ensure that they remain smooth and kissable.   There are plenty of advantages of using a lip scrub; here are few of the best ones:
  • When you remove the dead surface of your lips, you will be left with fresh layers. This will make your lips smooth, soft and exactly how you want them to be; perfectly kissable. If this advantage isn’t enough for you, then keep on reading to find out more.
  • When your lips have a smooth surface, the lip products which you apply will stay on longer and look better. This way you can make lip gloss, lipsticks and lip gloss more effective and long lasting.
  • Lip exfoliation will result in moist lips, especially during the winter time. It also gives you a chance to prevent cracked and chapped lips.
  • By scrubbing your lips regularly, you won’t have to worry about them getting exposed to wind and cold. As soon as you apply a lip scrub on those lips, you will instantly feel a difference.
It is recommended that you scrub your lips with a lip scrub at least once a week. However, during the winter time you can do it twice a week because we all know how chapped our lips get during that time of the year. Scrubbing your lips takes only a few minutes, so doing it once or twice a week is very much possible. You can do it in the morning after brushing your teeth or at night before getting it bed; whatever is easier for you. There are plenty of lip scrubs out there, but the Salacia – Kiss My Grits Lip Scrub is truly an amazing product. It is available on our website, so go ahead and purchase it right now. It has the power to protect and repair your lips so that you can always have perfectly kissable lips. It’s made from 100% natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Have fun scrubbing your lips!