• Bioken Enfanti - Natural Remedy Shampoo 16-OZ

Bioken Enfanti - Natural Remedy Shampoo 16-OZ


Bioken believes that all things begin with nature, and with extensive research on thinning hair and scalp damage, found that hair and scalp can be improved by nature’s therapeutic powers.With beauty; one thing affects another and what we put on our skin, scalp and hair becomes part of us. Thus, Bioken set out to create an all-natural line of products that nourish the hair and body.Bioken’s purpose is to deliver the essences of nature (BIO) that promote beautiful, healthy hair from a secluded and intimate place (KEN).Formulated using state of the art modern technology, Bioken’s innovative botanical complex is a rich blend of natural botanicalsand essential oils to help remedy thinning and damaged hair.Beginning at the roots, Bioken achieves your desires of having healthy, youthful and beautiful hair.

ANTI-AGING:  Enfanti restores your hair with natural remedy and anti-aging formula. Enfanti’s natural remedy formula is a blend of natural, rare and anti-aging ingredients of Goji berries, Green tea, Grape seed extracts combined into the Enfanti anti-aging formula to dramatically heal and strengthen your hair. As a result, you will experience having youthful silky hair with brilliant shine.

ANTI-BIOTIC : Enfanti protects your hair while encouraging its healthy growth. Anti-biotic ingredients such as Nettle, Chamomile and Propolis are combined to protect and help prevent hair loss. Fortified with nature’s preventative medicine, Propolis, which is full of bioflavonoid and has natural antibiotic properties to protect your hair from bacteria and other harmful chemicals.