• southern breeze moisturizing mist

Marina Cottage Southern Breeze Moisturizing Mist


Marina Cottage  Southern Breeze Moisturizing Mist for Body and Face

Ready for a virtual retreat? Our natural, light moisturizing mists give your skin a smooth, healthy glow. Spritz a veil of refreshing scent on your face and body without the harmful chemicals of commercial fragrances and perfumes. You can even spritz it on as a leave-in hair moisturizer to make your hair silky and shiny! Use as an alternative to harsh perfumes. Makes a great body spritz!

Southern Belle, Kumquat, Crisp Apple Rose and Margarita Lime will rejuvenate your senses, as they each provide a skin-friendly boost of vitamins and minerals. Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E provide anti-aging properties that strengthen skin's natural barriers. Vitamin E also protects skin against free radicals.

After bathing, spray on dampened skin for instant hydration. Use on face to reduce fine lines, and to add hydration. Avoid eyes.